Making Mobile Gov Project

The US government has a project dedicated to helping government make full use of mobile technologies.  As the site says:

We are starting by helping you discover information and make the case for mobile in your agency.
Next, we want you to join in and discuss the challenges to mobile gov.
Third, we will have a dialogue with people in government, industry, nonprofits, and the general public on how to design this mobile future.

Sounds like a great resource/opportunity for folks pushing the needed mobile agenda in access to justice.  Lets not let this one get by us.

There is even a Mobile Gov Community of practice.

More media coverage at Government Technology.

Thanks to Lisa Rush for passing this to me.


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  1. Liz Keith says:

    Thanks, Richard and Lisa, for pointing this out. I am coordinating a joint PBN/LSNTAP training this fall on the use of mobile technologies in legal aid, which will look at mobile pilots underway as well as as yet untapped opportunities to expand resources and services through mobile tech. The incentives and examples in “Discover” section on will be a helpful resource for that training.

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