British Columbia Leaflet on Preparing for an Interview with a Lawyer

This leaflet is an interesting model, prepared for litigants in the Supreme (i.e Superior) Court of BC.

Titled “A Guide to a Successful Interview with a Lawyer” the leaflet includes a step by step process for preparing for an efficient and productive meeting between lawyer and client.  It is designed for use in both paid and legal aid cases.

The leaflet includes:

Step 1: Fill out the Information  Sheet

Step 2: Prepare your Document List

Step 3: Prepare your written statement

Step 4: Going to the interview

I am particularly impressed with the suggestions of the preparation of a document list, nd of a written statement prepared prior to the interview.  The leaflet also makes excellent suggestions as to how a client can best explain his/her situation to an attorney.

The leaflet is copyright 2010 Community Legal Assistance Society.


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