Important Law School Symposium in Denver Nov 4-5 on Right of Access to Justice

This could be an important intellectual moment.  On Friday Nov 4 and Saturday Nov 5, the University of Colorado Law School is hosting a Symposium on TOWARD THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF ACCESS TO JUSTICE: IMPLICATIONS AND IMPLEMENTATION.  Remember this is the first such get together since Turner, and thus very important in setting the overall direction in the light of that crucial decision.

Among the panels will be:

  • Doctrinal Impediments to Access
  • The Right of Access, the Right to Counsel
  • What is Happening to Pro Bono?
  • Law School Clinics: Education and Access
  • Cause Lawyering as a Tool to Increase Access
  • Empirical Research on Legal Services
  • Funding Access
  • Operationalizing Access

Karen Lash, of the Access Initiative at DOJ will be keynoting with the title “Doing Justice to Law.”  Among the other speakers will be: Laura Abel, Suja Thomas, Mike Millemann, Luz Hererra, Steve Scudder, Jeff Selbin, Jim Greiner, Rebecca Sandefur, David Udell, Alan Houseman, Bonnie Hough and Jon Asher.  There will also be a number of academics and Colorado judicial and access leaders.  Quite a few more Champions of Change on that list!  And quite an opportunity for breakthrough ideas to develop.  The full speaker and panel list is on the announcement.

Laura Able, Mike Millemann and I will be doing the panel on the “The Right of Access, the Right to Counsel.”  The topics will include the emerging principle of a right to access justice in the Supreme Court’s cases, the inability of the Supreme Court to apply facts to law in its analysis of what is needed to actually provide access, and how to think about how a rational access-oriented triage and service assignment system might look.

The Conference costs $75, including meals.  Registration is here.  Hope to see you there.



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