Rothberger Conference Videos — Clear Explanation of Research and Implications

Thanks to the University of Colorado Law School for posting the videos from the Rothgerber Conference last November.

There’s lots of good stuff, but no one has time to watch hours and hours of video, so I would encourage you to browse the list of videos.

From memory, I’d particularly encourage consideration of looking at these, depending on your interests:

  • Karen Lash’s Keynote, deeply moving (the first video on the list)
  • Jim Greiner and Becky Sandefur discussing the new research avenues, with Alan Houseman and David Udell providing some context.  For those somewhat confused by the implictions of the research, I think the combination of Jim and Becky’s presentations is uniquely clarifying, and well worth the time. (Session Six)
  • Bonnie Hough, in the final session on Operationalizing Access, summarizing the strategy and progress in California.  (Session Eight)

Everything in the whole conference was very worthwhile, but those are particularly special.


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