Some Interesting TIG Grants, and the Upcoming TIG Conference

With the announcement of the 2012 TIG Conference to be held in January in Albuquerque (draft Agenda here), it occurs to me that we have not paid enough attention to the wide range of grants LSC has awarded to enhance technology for access and court partnerships.  Remember that registration for the Conferred is open, and that there will be people there from each of the new grantees.

Here are some of those grants:

  • Web-based screening and training tools for bankruptcy (Colorodo Legal Services)
  • Mobile technology medical-legal partnership assessment tool (Legal Aid Society)
  • Touch screen monitor project to ease senior access to information (Acadiana Legal Service Corporation)
  • National model e-filing solution and best practices (Central Minnesota Legal Services, Inc.)
  • Court integration e-filing grant for domestic violence orders (Legal Aid Society of Orange County)
  • Spanish portal for (Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, Inc.)
  • A unprecedented variety of tech-supported intake systems
  • Disaster readiness (Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc.)
  • Website with tools for understanding federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (Legal Aid of Nebraska)

This in addition to a range of document assembly projects, support for platforms, EITC, and NTAP, and continued collaborations with the courts, particularly in the self-represented litigant area.  Full descriptions of all the grants are here.

Congratulations again to LSC for sustaining this critically importantprorgram.


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