Access to Justice Updates from the President’s 2013 Budget Submission

Here are the headlines:

LSC budget would go back up to $402 million. (LSC press release here)

SJI is level-funded at $5,121,000.

The Coproration for National and Community Service would get a 1.3% increase, described below by the Chronicle on Philanthropy:

President Obama today proposed increasing the budget for the Corporation for National and Community Service by 1.3 percent next year, to almost $1.1-billion—providing enough money to keep about 82,500 AmeriCorps members, the same as now.

In his budget for the 2013 fiscal year, the president said he would also increase spending on the Social Innovation Fund, a grants program to expand effective nonprofit social projects, to $50-million, up from just under $45-million in 2012.

By the way, many of you may have appreciated the job Stephen Barr did at LSC getting the word out.  He has just moved to DOL to manage their Office of Public Affairs.

Update:  The TechPresident Blog points out that the e-government initiative remains well funded.

The White House on Monday announced a 2013 budget proposal of $16.7 million for its e-government operations, and an additional $5 million for a government-wide fund that will enable agencies to reap the knowledge gained from lab-testing emerging technologies without having to conduct duplicative tests themselves.

The federal E-Government Fund, administered by the General Services Administration, pays for transparency and technology initiatives like,, and


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