Public Welfare Foundation Grants in Access to Justice

The Public Welfare Foundation has announced two grants for access to justice.  They are being made under its Special Opportunities Fund.  This is how they are described on the Foundations Website.

These companion projects are part of a Special Initiative on Civil Legal Services for the Poor, a targeted effort by the Foundation to expand legal assistance for indigent and low-income people.  

American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education – Washington, DC – ($270,000 – 18 months)

Support to expand the number and reach of state-based Access to Justice Commissions, and to provide technical assistance to help them share best practices and innovations taking place in different states.

National Center for State Courts – Williamsburg, VA – ($300,000 – 18 months)

Support to help strengthen the role of state judges and courts in improving access to legal services for poor and low-income people through court-based innovations, the development of an Access to Justice Center for the court community, and related activities.

I can promise more information soon, since it is planned for me to be a consultant with the National Center for State Courts project.

It is exciting to see a major foundation making grants in this area.


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