Utah Passes Law Library Self-Help Center Bill

Here is the key language in the description of the bill passed by the Legislature:

This bill:

  • creates a self-help center within a court’s law library;
  • requires that the self-help center be staffed by licensed attorneys;
  •  allows the self-help center staff to assist court patrons in obtaining and filling out
  • documents; and
  • provides that self-help center staff are to: answer questions regarding the court process, law, and options; provide information, but not give legal advice; and offer resources regarding the law library and other avenues for legal assistance.

I understand that funding is effective July 1.

Congratulations, Utah


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1 Response to Utah Passes Law Library Self-Help Center Bill

  1. Mary Jane Ciccarello says:

    Thanks, Richard! We are excited here in Utah to now be able to provide statewide services and to do so with a permanent funding base. Please note that the Self-Help Center will be within the state law library, not a court library, and will assist self-represented parties in all state courts–justice, juvenile, district and appellate.

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