Thursday Webinar on Libraries and Access to Justice

This is the first of the series of Pro Bono Net webinars on libaries and access to justice, coming up next Thursday.  It obviously helps move forward an important part of the agenda.  I understand that lots of people are already signed up, which is good sign for the energy that can go into this area of innovation.

Lets get a record turnout and a great launch for this promising series.

As the announcement says.

This webinar will provide an overview of legal information needs among low-income and vulnerable Americans, the nonprofit legal aid, court and community groups that serve them, and why public and public law libraries are essential partners in meeting these information needs. This webinar will also discuss the type of assistance non-attorney, public librarians are able to provide to patrons seeking legal help, and the complementary role of public and public law libraries.

The session will be at 1 PM Eastern. Register here.

More information about the series here.


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  2. Brian Rowe says:

    Thanks for posting this! I will be attending.

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