A Life Worthy of Note

The New York Times City Blog has an obituary of a Catholic priest, Rev. John C. Flynn, who spent much of his time in the Bronx, when it was seen as a war zone.

In 2010, Father Flynn retired to a residence for priests in Riverdale and later moved to the Schervier nursing home. Even then, he continued visiting his old neighborhoods to check on the poor; he was particularly concerned that they not be displaced by rising rents and a bad economy.

Ms. Hynes recalled that Father Flynn would tell her, “I can’t remember my name and address but I can remember we are supposed to be helping poor people.” (bold added).

What more can be said?


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  1. ProBonoGA says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Richard.

  2. Hough, Bonnie says:

    Thank you! That’s pretty wonderful!

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