LSC Adds “Outside” VP for Grants Management With Extensive Public-Private Partnership Experience

LSC’s appointment of  new VP for Grants Management has been reported before.

But it is still probably worth underlining what a significant and welcome departure it is to bring in someone who has perspectives way beyond the legal aid world, and who understands both broader Federal government perspectives and the building and sustaining of pubic-private partnerships.

Here is her bio, as appearing on the website of the CollaborativeXchange, of which she is listed as being on the Board:

Ms. Jennings is the Principal at Jennings Solutions, LLC, where she provides a broad range of management and strategic consulting services to private- and government-sector clients, including expert advice and guidance on policy development, program implementation, relationship building and stakeholder outreach, leadership training, business development and organizational issues.  She has negotiated 3.5 million in weatherization grants on behalf of the National Community Aciton Foundation and ExxonMobil, and worked with the Target Corporation to develop a strategic approach for fostering public/private partnerships at the state, local and federal levels.  She formerly served as Interim President and CEO, Executive Vice President and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at the Council for Excellent in Government.  She is a veteran of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and was a staff aide in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This surely represents not only a major addition to the LSC management team, but a commitment to implement the Strategic Plan (link is to my comments on blog on draft), with its commitment to a more assertive and mission-oriented grants management approach.


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