NCSC Summit on Language Access Now Going On

Those interested in the Summit on Languge Access in the Courts that is now going on can see the Agenda here.

Self-represented advocates will be particularly interested in the session on Providing Services Outside the Courtroom, which is listed as follows:

Workshop: Providing Services Outside of the Courtroom  (Post Oak)

Moderator: Mr. Arthur W. Pepin, Director, New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts

Hon. Audrey J. S. Carrion, Associate Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit of Maryland
Ms. Hanna Sanders, Access to Justice Coordinator, Maine Judicial Branch
Mr. David W. Slayton, Administrative Director, Texas Office of Court Administration

When the teams return to their states, this may provide a good opportunity for self-represented advocates to talk to team members about integrating language access and self-represented services.


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