Multi-Faceted Mobile App for Citizenship

The Immigrants Action Network and Pro Bono Net have launched a great mobile app (right now in beta on Android only; IOS to come) for citizenship applicants.

This is not just an info app, but a tool.  The features listed in the app description are:

  • Learn About Naturalization: An overview of all of the requirements for citizenship through naturalization.
  • Language Waiver Calculator: Determine whether you are eligible for a waiver of the English language requirement for naturalization or a simplified civics test.
  • Physical Presence Calculator: A calculator to help you record all of your trips abroad and determine whether you meet the physical and continuous presence requirements for naturalization.
  • Naturalization Test Study Tools: A complete set of the 100 questions on the civics and history test, as well as audio-enabled study tools to help you practice reading and writing in English.
  • Find Legal Help: A searchable directory of free or low-cost nonprofit naturalization app
  • ocument and Information Checklist: A customizable checklist of documents and information that you need to prepare to apply for naturalization.
  • Savings Calculator: A calculator to help you determine how much you need to save per week or per month for the naturalization application fee.

Let me suggest that this is a model for how we should be thinking about apps as problem solving assistants.  Let me also repeat the importance of remembering that smart phones have sensors including location and movement detectors, cameras, etc.,  making the it possible for the tools to be far more intelligent and helpful.


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  1. MGKovar says:

    Wow! That’s great. I only hope that potential compatriots can find it.

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