AP Running Access to Justice Innovation Story

The AP, and ABC, are running a story on an access inititive that uses faith based organizations to get the word about pro bono help out.

Tennessee’s faith-based initiative is unusual compared to most legal aid programs across the country because it recognizes that many people who could use an attorney’s help would never go to a legal aid clinic even if it were held at their house of worship. That’s because they don’t recognize their problem as a legal one.

“People show up every day at churches and synagogues and mosques, and they may not ask for legal help. They may need food assistance. But often there is an underlying legal problem,” said Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Connie Clark, who helped the faith-based initiative get off the ground. “We realized we can help more people by going to where they are already going for help.”

The article quotes me generally about the value and spread of such innovations.  It also talks about the spread of commissions.


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