Press Clips Section of Voices Website Helps Create Momentum About Communications and More

The Voices for Civil Justice website now includes a “Press Clips” section.

This tool lets you see all the significant press coverage about legal aid (broadly defined).  It also lets you filter and sort based on a number of criteria including keywords, formats, casetype, who served, how served, geography, topics, and housing types.

Here is a screen shot:

VCJThis tool has huge potential not just to help us all keep up with the latest news, but for local and statewide programs to track their own coverage and see how it relates to other programs and states.

The tool will also make it possible to make sure that all the segments of the legal aid community, including pro bono and court-based, as well as court-based, are getting appropriate coverage.

Folks are encouraged to send reports of media to Voices.




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