Two Resources on Innovation and a Chance to Vote

The ABA Delivery Committee makes annual awards for innovation.  Now one of the awards is voted on by the general public.  Obviously, I encourage everyone to take a look and vote for the one you think is best.  But, I also urge you to look through all of the nominees as a way of seeing the huge range of innovation that is occurring, and as both a celebration and a challenge.  A celebration of momentum, and a challenge to integrate, improve, and expand.  Looking thoguh the list, some of the themes that jump out, perhaps reflecting the delivery Committee’s focus, are nonprofit law firms, incubators, crowdfunding, and, of course, technology.

Here is the list of nominees, and here is the voting page.  Voting ends noon, Central, on Jan 8.

As many of you know,Alan Houseman prepares an annual report on US access to justice of ILIG, the International Legal Aid Group.  Here is the 2015 Report, which also conveys a strong sense of how much is going on.  While the Report starts with a focus on “traditional” legal ad funding, in fact it also includes updates on a broad range of activities, including research, White House engagement, the Chiefs’ Resolution, etc.  The Report is an important tool, particulalry for those who need to get an overall sense of US activity..



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