What the 100% Access Movement Can Learn From the Cancer Moonshot

Earlier this week, I was at the Johns Hopkins Hospital launch of their Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.   This is part of the Obama Administration’s Cancer Moonshot, led by Joe Biden.  The PR was brilliantly handled, and Joe Biden spoke from the heart.

What they packaged so wonderfully was not just the importance and the emotions, but the sense that things could fundamentally change in the next five or ten years.  As one of the speakers said “Now, when you ask me which cancers this approach is going to impact, I answer ‘all of them'” (reconstructed quote.)

At our best, that’s what we can do with the 100% Access to Justice /Justice for All Movement.

The approach of the CCJ Resolution offers the hope of 100%, the breakthroughs in delivery that if properly used can get us there, and the allocation of responsibility for leadership (in the Commissions.)  Just like the Cancer Moonshot, it transforms a long slog with little progress into a goal-oriented, and hopefully achievable  target.

So lets keep the focus on the goal, and always talk about the specifics in the context of the goal.  Indeed, is there any media mention that should not comment on how an innovation or change does or does not contribute to the goal.


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