Tim Kaine Calls for New Approach to Poverty — Legal Aid Implications

Remember his wife is a former legal aid lawyer and a former judge.  According to the Detroit Free Press, in speech on Oct 16, Kaine:

.  .  .  outlined the campaign’s three-pillar attack on poverty, including:

Raising incomes for families, which entails raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, investing in poverty-stricken communities with things like infrastructure improvement projects and increasing tax credits for child care.

Making sure communities and homes are safe by fighting things like housing discrimination and predatory lending, ensuring the water and air in places like Flint are safe to consume and enacting common sense gun control measures like universal background checks.

And improving education by expanding early childhood development and Head Start programs.

The bold/underline is added.  It is hard to imagine an effective strategy for the second of these paragraphs without an enhanced legal aid component.  Something for the transition planners to be thinking about.


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