Fact Checking Software and The Justice System

This story about Google investing in online fact checking software did not get much attention in the US.  But, as reported in the Independent, it could be a big deal:

UK fact checking organisation, FullFact, has announced it has been awarded €50,000  (£43,000) by the tech giant’s Digital News Initiative to build the first  “fully automated end-to-end fact checking system”.

In a statement, FullFact explained that the system will have two main features.

One will inform readers if something reported as fact has already been proven inaccurate.

The other mode will fact check claims automatically using Natural Language Processing and statistical analysis in real-time – something FullFact said has never been done before – by highlighting the text and having a factbox appear when the user hovers over it.

The political implications are obvious, particularly if the capacity is merged with concurrent voice to text software.

But equally relevant in the future is the potential use at trials and depositions, particularly those with a large database of facts and evidence already digitally stored and ready for analysis.

Maybe “post-truth” can be replaced by “post-post-truth.”


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