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Becky Sandefur is a MacArthur!!!

What wonderful news to wake up to! Becky Sandefur, one of the smartest, gentlest and most beloved contributors to our network has just gotten a MacArthur. Her work has already reshaped our field, initially by demonstrating beyond doubt the utterly … Continue reading

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Rebecca Sandefur Makes the Case for Research in LSC Strategic Plan Comment

Here is Professor Sandefur’s comment letter to LSC on the Draft Strategic Plan.   Professor Sandefur heads up the access to justice empirical research initiative at the American Bar Foundation (ABF).  I share the letter, with permission, because it makes the case … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview — Rebecca Sandefur on Her ABF Study of Access to Justice And Follow-Up

Today’s NewsMaker Interview is with Rebecca Sandefur, one of the co-authors of the recent American Bar Foundation study of access to justice.  Becky has changed the whole debate, with a long-overdue collection of data that forces us to confront the … Continue reading

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Relationship of Global to US Access to Justice

The upcoming Tuesday March 21 gathering, at Fordham Law School, on Unifying Global and U.S. Access to Justice Movements: The Judicial Perspective should help get us thinking about that huge and challenging topic. The speakers will be: Matthew Diller, Dean … Continue reading

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Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable Inaugural Meeting is Springboard for Federal ATJ Initiatives

The Federal Government Legal Aid Inter-agency Roundtable met for its inaugural meeting on February 29.  The Roundtable is under the White House Domestic Policy Council and DOJ. As Co-Chair Attorney General Loretta Lynch put it: “The consequences of limited access … Continue reading

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Announcing the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators

I am pleased and proud to announce that fifteen thoughtful and distinguished friends of access to justice have agreed to become members of this blog’s Board of Commentators.  I am particularly pleased that not all are lawyers, since we have … Continue reading

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Our Board of Commentators

The members of the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators are: Katherine Alteneder, Coordinator, Self-Represented Litigation Network. Martha Bergmark, Executive Director, Voices for Civil Justice. James Burdick, MD, retired Professor John Hopkins Medical School and retired Director Health Resources … Continue reading


Noting the Range and Significance of NSF Research Grants into Access to Justice

Regular readers of this blog will not have been able to avoid the drumbeat of attention to the importance and potential of DOJ’s bringing NSF to the access to justice table.  But, I have not as yet explicitly listed or … Continue reading

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The DOJ Access to Justice Research Workshop Is An Important Achievement And A Milestone

The recent Research Workshop was sponsored by NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and ATJ (Access to Justice Initiative) within the Department of Justice, and by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Attorney General Loretta Lynch both spoke and blogged about it … Continue reading

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Newly Released “Community Needs and Services Study” Should Trigger Some Rethinking About Barriers and Needs

Rebecca Sandefur and the American Bar Foundation have just (today) released Accessing Justice in the Contemporary USA: Findings from the Community Needs and Services Study (CNSS). This very important study went into a Midwestern city and asked people whether they … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview: Kerry O’Brien of Equal Justice Works on the Emerging Need for Evidence-Based Data

Recently, AmeriCorps changed the way they award grants that may be a sign of things to come from federal funding sources. Equal Justice Works has been an AmeriCorps grantee since the national service program’s birth in 1993. AmeriCorps has supported … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Posted Comments to the LSC Draft Strategic Plan

LSC has posted the comments they have received on the Draft Strategic Plan. Overall, the tone is positive.  Here to me are the highlights, focusing perhaps more on areas of disagreement, rather than the many repeated statements of support for … Continue reading

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Google Map Showing Self-Help Services in CA

Check this out.  It speaks for itself, as maps always do. Lets hope that we can get a national map showing both the availability, and gaps in, self-help services.  Maybe someone can create a GIS map version of the data … Continue reading

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More on Public Welfare Foundation Grant to ABA for ATJ Commissions Work

Here is more information on the new grant to the ABA to support ATJ Commissions. An American Bar Association project has been selected to administer a $270,000 grant to support state panels that promote access to civil justice for low-income … Continue reading

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Rothberger Conference Videos — Clear Explanation of Research and Implications

Thanks to the University of Colorado Law School for posting the videos from the Rothgerber Conference last November. There’s lots of good stuff, but no one has time to watch hours and hours of video, so I would encourage you … Continue reading

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