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Deregulation of Nonprofit Legal Practice — An ATJ Breakthrough?

Here is an idea that might be a breakthrough for access to justice, while enhancing the role and reputation of community based nonprofit legal aid programs. How about almost complete deregulation of nonprofit legal practice.  True nonprofits (defined not only … Continue reading

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Jim Greiner’s Comment on the Inherent Conflict Respresented by Funding Public Defenders by Fees Charged Defendant’s and My Response

Jim Greiner has submitted a brilliant and challenging comment on my recent post about the funding of 41% of the New Orleans Public Defender from court fines, fees and assessments.  It is worth very serious consideration.  Here is the full … Continue reading

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Disturbing Question — How on Earth Can a Public Defender Program Rely on Court Imposed Fees for its Budget?

I am not sure I can stand this. According to its own communication director, the New Orleans public defender relies on fines and fees imposed by the court for 41% of its budget (NOLA CityLab here). New Orleans’ Office of … Continue reading

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ABA Commission on Future of Legal Services Comments — Now Due Dec 20 — Some Challenging Thoughts

Update:  The comment period has been extended to Dec 20. +++++++++++++++++++++++ I should have blogged about this weeks ago.  But the due date of Dec 10 for comments on the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services has almost … Continue reading

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“The Doctor Will See All 8 of You Now” — But What About the Lawyer?

A recent fascinating New York Times article and blog discusses experiments in which doctors provide group rather than individual consultations to pregnant women. The goal, other than efficiency, is to help create supportive communities. Group visits are useful for any … Continue reading

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Can the Self-Represented Collect For Time When Required by Opposing Attorney — Canada Moves

Julie Macfarlane has a fascinating blog on the emerging jurisprudence in Canada dealing with the award of costs when time is required by an opposing attorney’s wrongful activities.  As I understand it, this is analogous to the US Rule 11 sanctions.  … Continue reading

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California Bar Explores Joining Movement for Non-Lawyer Practice

Another straw in a gathering wind. This article in the California Bar Journal reports on the Bar’s Board’s exploring the possibility of limited practice professionals: The State Bar Board of Trustees has expressed interest in examining a limited-practice licensing program … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson on Lay Legal Self-Help Support in the Small Claims Context—A Trend To Watch?

In health care it is very common that persons who suffer from long term conditions or illness, or go through traumatic experiences, join self help support groups. Doctors often recommend support groups to help persons learn about self care, increase … Continue reading

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British Columbia Leaflet on Preparing for an Interview with a Lawyer

This leaflet is an interesting model, prepared for litigants in the Supreme (i.e Superior) Court of BC. Titled “A Guide to a Successful Interview with a Lawyer” the leaflet includes a step by step process for preparing for an efficient … Continue reading

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