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How Others See Us in the US

Roger Smith, of the UK organization Justice, has a guest blog on Richard Moorhead’s Lawyer Blog, on “The internet and the provision of legal advice.” It takes a somewhat pessimistic view of what has been achieved. Here are his observations … Continue reading

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UK Impact of Litigants in Person (SRLs to the US)

The UK Law Gazette has a good (if anxious) roundup article on the impact of the self-represented on the courts in the UK, with a focus on the likely impact of the looming legal aid cuts.

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Upside Down Legal Aid Politics in the UK

The UK’s Lord Tebbit was one of Thatcher’s major allies.  Yet here he is reported in the Guardian under the headline: Lord Tebbit in fight to save legal aid for children’s medical cases. He appears to be one of the … Continue reading

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Non-Lawyer Assistance in the Courtroom — the UK Model

Most of us in the US are unaware of a fascinating approach that the UK (and indeed most Commonwealth countries) use to assist in access to justice for those without lawyers.  It is an approach that permits non-lawyers to sit … Continue reading

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UK Judge on the State of Access to Justice

Lord Justice Moses is a British Appellate Court Judge. He recently gave an astonishingly powerful and blunt speech to the Public Law Project. Thanks to the fine international Access to Justice Blog for the catch. For those of us in … Continue reading

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Civil Justice Council of England and Wales Report and Recommendations on Self-Represented Litigants

As reported by Richard Moorhead, the Civil Justice Council has issued its report on how to respond to the increase in self-represented litigants expected in England and Wales as a result of the massive legal aid cutbacks. The recommendations, as … Continue reading

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Deregulation Versus De-monopolizing — A Complex Debate Just Begining

There has been substantially more attention in the blogsphere to the deregulation of the legal profession.  See, e.g. the Wall St. Journal, law librarian blog, elawyering blog. All are worth reading.  But I would urge attention to the difference between … Continue reading

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