Quick Budget Update — 2011 Continuing Resolution Detail

Here is a quick access to justice update (to the best of my understanding) of the implications in the Continuing Resolution agreed to by the President and House and Senate leadership.  It has not yet been passed in either chamber.

  • LSC field programs take a $15 million hit, compared to 2010.
  • The LSC TIG program (funding upcoming grants) has taken only the across the board 0.2% rescission.
  • The SJI budget has taken only the 0.2% across the board cut.
  • At least according to the Washington Post, the apparent $4.9 billion cut in victim programs does not represent a real cut.  ” The legislation includes $4.9 billion from the Justice Department’s Crime Victims Fund, for instance, but that money is in a reserve fund that wasn’t going to be spent this year. Crime victims would receive no less money than they did before the deal.”


The CR text is here.


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