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Games for Change will have its Festival June 20-22, in NYC.

From the Website

Games for Change Annual Festival
Often referred to as “the Sundance of Video Games”, the Games for Change Annual Festival is the biggest gaming event in New York City. It brings together leaders from government, corporations, civil society, media, academia and the gaming industry to explore the increasing real-world impact of digital games as an agent for social change. The Festival is also a showcase for some of the most innovative new games in production. The 8th Annual Festival will be held in NYC on June 20-22 2011. Last year’s festival was headlined by The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra. It attracted over 600 participants.

I can certainly imaging various forms of court simulation games, games to share legal information, games to practice presentation of evidence, games to learn analyzing data, etc.

Categories of games on the wesbite are:

Human Rights
Public Policy
Public Health
Global Conflict

Here is a game about the Bill of Rights (I have not tried it, no warranty!)



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  1. Kate Bladow says:

    Richard – NTEN members receive a discount on registration for this conference. Legal aid and pro bono organizations that are interested in this discount should contact NTEN ( learn how to obtain the discount. – K

  2. Hey Richard, thanks for the write up.

    The Festival is a great place to network with decision makers (as well as game designers, academics, NPO/NGOs, enthusiasts and more). Many of the games on our site deal with social justice issues as well as human rights. A great place to start is by viewing the games under the Public Policy and Politics genres:

    If you’d like some suggestions about games to try, please e-mail me.

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