Tools to Create an Unbundled-Orriented Lawyer Referral Service

The time is long past for every jurisdiction that allows unbundling — and of course now most do, to have such services available through lawyer referral and information services, ideally through a panel of the existing lawyer referral system.  Lets face it, thats where the clients without lawyers enter into the system, and it is hard to understand why more LRIS do not offer this crucial affordability tool, particularly given the poll data on the public’s interest in exploring the option.

So it is important to draw attention to these LRIS Unbundling materials developed to assist in the creation of such a panel. (Remember, of course that state law governs as to who is allowed to operate such a lawyer referral service.)

The materials come to you courtesy of Sue Talia and the Contra Costa County Bar Association.

They include ideas for making the argument for limited scope LRS services, recruiting and training panelists, application form, additional resources for panelists, training intake staff, intake checklist, materials for clients, program marketing, program monitoring, sample client satisfaction survey, model client marketing handout, model attorney marketing handout.

Here is a link to more materials from the ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral Information Service, including a link to the materials from Contra Costa.

Lets hope that more LRIS rise to this challenge, and  that more unbundling advocates urge them to do so.


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