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Lawyer Referral Services Are the Key Gateway to Unbundled Services and Calfornia Leads the Way

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of lawyer referral services (LRS) in opening up unbundling to the millions for whom it is the key to access to justice, and the tens or hundreds of thousands of lawyers who might … Continue reading

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Leveraging Forms, Unbundled Assistance, and Lawyer Referral Systems

Here is an idea that might simultaneously assist in the adoption and expansion of forms, promote unbundling, and bring the lawyer referral services groups into better addressing access issues. It is simple.  Court forms should include in the general instructions … Continue reading

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Tools to Create an Unbundled-Orriented Lawyer Referral Service

The time is long past for every jurisdiction that allows unbundling — and of course now most do, to have such services available through lawyer referral and information services, ideally through a panel of the existing lawyer referral system.  Lets … Continue reading

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