Important Call for Posters — Access to Justice Research Meeting

Here is the Call for Posters for the Access to Civil Justice: Re-envisioning and Reinvigorating Research Workshop, funded by NSF.

This poster concept may not be familiar to all of us in access to justice, but it is now absolutely standard in the scientific research community.  The idea is that people with ideas to share put them on a single poster, and then interested people walk around the room and approach those that they want to explore.  The presenter can then walk the people through the research or presentation.  I am sure there are various other versions, in which everyone gets to make a very short presentation to a larger group.

In any event, this is an extremely important opportunity for people to get a broad range of ideas into the research community.  As you know the day after the Poster Session, there will be a smaller invitational workshop, and as a result, ideas offered at the Poster will have a great potential impact both on that session, and thus on t he development and execution of a research agenda for access to justice.

Note please that the Call is very much not limited to one for presentations on actual research.  The planners see this as an opportunity to gather ideas about research needs and opportunities.  So please do take advantage of this and submit a proposal for such a poster.  This is the biggest opportunity to contribute to an access to justice agenda in at least 30 years, and more likely ever.


In conjunction with the National Legal Aid and Defender Association annual conference, the Access to Civil Justice: Re-envisioning and Reinvigorating Research Workshop solicits posters that highlight recent and on-going research projects and current research needs in the area of access to civil justice (A2J).
Legal Aid Programs: Would you like to have more information to help you effectively assist clients and the client community? What type of information would you like to know? Please give us your suggestions for civil legal aid research projects.
Researchers: What civil legal aid topics or questions would you like to research in the future? Are you currently engaged in, or have you recently completed, a civil legal aid research project? If so, tell us about it.
The poster session, Ideas and Approaches for Access to Civil Justice Research: Bridging the Divides of Research and Practice, will be held from 2-3:30pm on Friday, December 7 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, 540 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. The session will provide a forum for presenters to highlight and communicate research needs and research findings and to receive feedback from knowledgeable conference attendees.

We welcome and encourage contributions from both field professionals and researchers working in the area of access to civil justice. The session will be immediately followed by an open discussion of access to justice research, Opportunities and Challenges for Access to Civil Justice Research: A Town Hall-Style Meeting Bringing Researchers and Field Professionals Together, from 3:45-5:15 pm.
Poster proposals should be submitted as a PDF or Word file of no more than one page. The proposal should contain an abstract describing the content of the poster, along with the title, author(s), institutional affiliations, and contact information. Please submit your poster proposal to by Friday, November 16.

Submissions will be acknowledged, and authors will be notified with further details about the poster session. Ideas generated in the poster session will enliven and inform the town hall meeting to follow. At authors’ discretion, posters will be eligible for publication in the proceedings of the workshop
If you submit a poster, it will be on display during the National Legal Aid and Defender Association meetings, and you will have a chance to present the poster to interested attendees at the poster session. A poster is an approximately 30” by 40” rectangular board on which you can put text and figures describing research findings or research needs. You may choose to print out several sheets of paper, or a single large poster paper.
The Access Workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation (SES-1237958), reaches across the divides of scholarship and practice to bring together researchers and field personnel to kickstart policy- relevant research in the area of access to civil justice. For questions or more information, please visit or write to


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  3. Claudia Johnson says:

    It will be interesting to see who in the legal community is doing research–and who is funding it. Would an evaluation of a pilot count as research? There are a lot of pilots and experiments going on, but the focus is on improving services, creating new functionality to support services, and those projects don’t have enough of a budget to build research into it (in the real sense of targetting particular sample sizes, using specific sampling techniques, using blind comparisson groups, and doing true regression analysis or using other statistical methods to analyze and then interpret the data)–so what would that qualify as research? Doing true research is expensive, so how high is the bar set in terms of “research”?

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