DOJ Seeks Comments on Draft Language Access Planning and Technical Assistance Tool for Courts

Comments on a Draft Language Access Planning and Technical Assistance Tool for Courts are being sought by the Department of Justice.

The draft from DOJ is here.

Comments are due by March 1. 2013.

The draft includes sections and checklists for:

  • Assessing Existing Services and the Ongoing Need for Language Assistance Services
  • Court Policies
  • Individuals Responsible for Implementing the Language Access Plan
  • Quality Control of Language Assistance Services
  • Assigning Interpreters
  • Translated Materials
  • Notice of Language Assistance Services
  • Outreach and Collaboration with LEP Communities and Stakeholders
  • Monitoring and Updating
  • Plan Review

On preliminary review it seems very helpful, and far from the heavy-handed approach that some have feared.

I particularly urge those we work on LEP issues with technology, self-help and other less traditional approaches to look at the draft and make comments on how it can be as comprehensive as possible.




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