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NYT Reports Dramatic Numbers of “Near Poor” — Access Implications

In response to a request from the Times, the Census Bureau ran the numbers on the “near poor” defined as 150% of the poverty rate, and using its newer more accurate poverty measure. Perhaps the most startling differences between the … Continue reading

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General Study of Impact of Regulation Upon Occupations.

Richard Moorhead, perceptive as usual, has noticed a recent study conducted in the UK of the impact of regulations of occupations, done for the UK Commission on Employment and Skills, and titled A review of occupational regulation and its impact.  … Continue reading

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Tools to Create an Unbundled-Orriented Lawyer Referral Service

The time is long past for every jurisdiction that allows unbundling — and of course now most do, to have such services available through lawyer referral and information services, ideally through a panel of the existing lawyer referral system.  Lets … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview — Fred Rooney on the CUNY Incubator

Today’s Newsmaker Interview is with Fred Rooney at CUNY Law School.  He directs CUNY’s Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN) and, along with Sue Bryant, created the Incubator for Justice program, which helps law gradates transition to economically viable solo and … Continue reading

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Legal Services at the Mall — the UK Model

As you probably know in a general way, the UK is deregulating certain aspects of the legal profession. But you may not know how fast things are changing.  Here is one big consequence reported on the Legal Futures Blog.  The … Continue reading

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Lawyer Surplus in the US — Action By Law Schools For New Delivery Models Long Overdue

The New York Tines Economix blog collects data on the lawyer surplus. Key scary statistic: “In fact, across the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239)” The post … Continue reading

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Stephanie Kimbro’s Attorney Guide to Unbundling E-Book Now Online

Stephanie’s book Serving the DIY Client: A Guide to Unbundling Legal Services for the Private Practitioner is now online.  It is clear, well laid out, practical, and easy to read and follow.  I am sure that it will be a … Continue reading

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Nolo Press Acquired by Internet Brands — Implications?

Richard Granat has a worrying analysis of some recent news, the purchase by Internet Brands of Nolo (know to many of us as Nolo Press). Richard’s view in summary: It will be interesting to see how Internet Brands integrates these … Continue reading

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Modest Means Project — Nice Model Collaboration to Fill a Big Gap

Arizona has a nice modest means project that seems to work for middle income clients and attorneys. Their website explains: The Modest Means Project is a partnership program from the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education and the State … Continue reading

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British Columbia: Chief Judge says Lower Legal Rates or Give Up Monopoly; Legal Aid Commission Report Makes Innovative Suggestions

As reported in the Vancouver Sun the Chief Judge of the British Columbia Court of Appeals: “has suggested lawyers either significantly lower their fees — now averaging about $340 an hour — or agree to give up their monopolistic hold … Continue reading

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Mass Charges Fee to Challenge Moving Violation — State Supreme Ct Challenge — Indigent Court Costs Statute

That’s right.  In venerable Massachusetts, you have to pay a fee to challenge a traffic ticket (Boston Globe story). A challenge is now pending in the SJC (Supreme Judicial Court — Docket entries and briefs here).  The statistics appear to … Continue reading

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ABA Delivery of Legal Services Committee Poll on Finding Private Lawyers – Views of Unbundling

Lots of us have been waiting for this.  The ABA Delivery Committee will soon be has now completed posting the results of its survey Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services on its website. Here is the actual link. Here is … Continue reading

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Maryland Access to Justice Commission Civil Right to Counsel Implementation Analysis includes Mixed Model and Cost Estimate

Good for the Maryland Access to Justice Commission! Their very interesting and innovative Implementing a Civil Right to Counsel in Maryland has several important features worthy of emulation. First, it proposes a “mixed model,” which means that services would be … Continue reading

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Law School Debt and Employment Conundrum — Non-Standard Responses

Lots of people (if you know any non-lawyers who read the New York Times) are going to be asking you about the Times article today, Is Law School A Losing Game?. The main points in the article are the high … Continue reading

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